• The basics

    Our goal is to empower and promote local florists. We want to provide the tools and ability for local florists to compete not only in their traditional retail space but also the online space. With more customers choosing online buying, local florists have struggled to compete with large online flower companies, and this is where MyFlowerMarket can support – we have created an amazing, dynamic online marketplace which will showcase local florists, and make it easier than ever before to buy and support local.

    Well they are so many but to name just a few;

    • Access to more customers in your area
    • Growing demand in online flower sales
    • No website setup or going costs - we take care of that!
    • We take care of all SEO and online marketing
    • Can keep your own website AND be a part of our online community
    • We partner with you to promote your brand and business
    • We invest in PR and social media so you don’t have too
    • Free to join and only pay when you get sales
      Much smaller commission than order gathers or wire transfer agents
    • Create your own unique arrangements, using seasonal flowers
    • Easy to use dashboard and online program
    • Our portal keep your contact with your customers easy and efficient
    • Constant support and service Your online store is open and taking sales when your retail store is closed

    Go to florists login and create an account. You will need basic business information such as your ABN. You will also need to read and agree with our florist agreement and stripe connect account agreement, then press submit. Our head office will receive (and if all is well) approve your account.

    Before you can start selling, you must fill in your profile.

    This includes;
    General info | basic details, changing your password, uploading your logo and profile image. Billing info – important info that gets you paid-please read this section and get familiar! This is the info we use to create your stripe account. You will need specific info like bank details, a driver license, GST info. Please contact us if you have any queries in this area.

    Shop content | put in your shops name here and a description about who you are. Make it personal and engaging for your customers Operating times – a very useful function to put in your shops hours, and when you are open or closed. Also important to put in your same day cut off time. 

    Social media | this is where we can link you to your social media accounts and users can begin following your store.

    Once stripe has verified your details you will be able to start selling and receiving payments.

  • Adding products

    Creating and editing products and add-ons is simple. By adding new products you are essentially creating a catalogue of products which you can turn off and on depending on the season and your stock levels. You can add pictures and a description, as well as prices for different sizes and much more.

    Quality and the style of arrangements promoted on the site is key to the success of MyFlowerMarket. All products will be sent to head office for approval before they go live on the site. Get in touch with us if you are having issues with your products displaying properly on the site.

  • Receiving and fulfilling orders

    When you receive an order you will be notified by email and text.
    We ask you accept or reject the order ASAP.
    If you continually reject orders it may be cause for termination from the MFM marketplace.

    Once you accept an order please fulfil it as per the order details and continually update your status depending on where the order is up to.

    When the order is ready for delivery we ask that you take a picture with your phone and upload it to the site then click “out for delivery”.

    This will trigger and email to the client and as an extra touch they will receive a picture of the flowers they are sending – that’s customer service!

  • Policies

    There are instances where flowers may not be available that day. In this case you must substitute for flowers of an equal or higher value and of a similar style. Remember its your customer so it is best keep to them happy and coming back and generate positive reviews.

    All florists that are part of the MFM marketplace must agree and abide by the Florist Terms of Service. Any questions regarding this contract, please contact us.

  • Delivery & Location

    A great feature to our florist dashboard is the delivery zone tool.

    You can create different delivery zones (and fees) based on suburbs and/or how far suburbs are from your shop. Please read our florist guide to help you set up your zones.

    Delivery fees will be automatically applied to your products depending on the customers delivery suburb.
    Simple, easy and very effective!

  • Refunds and returns

    Just like in your normal retail shop customer experience is crucial. Refunds are a part of trading and we will work with you to find a solution that best works for you and the customer. If a full refund is agreed to we will also refund our commission on the sale. We believe in the motto – “would I be happy if I received this product and/or service?” and remember happy customers are repeat customers.

  • Accounts

    MFM uses stripe connect to collect and distribute payments. Payments are made on a 2 day rolling basis automatically. MFM commission and merchant fees will be deducted before your payments are made.

    You can see all of your orders and payments in the orders/payments tab. You will also see a breakdown of the MFM commission and GST. CSV file downloads are also available in this section

    ZipPay is an extra feature we offer our florists to help streamline their business and add value to our site. This is used if you want to charge the credit card of a retail customer. We wont charge you our standard 10% commission in this instance, just 3% to cover the merchant fees. It means you can use our site daily interactions with both your retail and online customers.

    ALL prices must include GST. You must notify us within two days of your GST registration status changing. You will also need to issue an invoice to us in respect of the sales you have received from MFM.

    If you are registered for GST, this invoice must comply with the requirements for a valid tax invoice. We will make this easier for you by automatically creating an invoice for you in your dashboard by the end of each calendar month, however you need to review and press the SEND button for us to receive it. Doing so will also indicate your acceptance that the invoice and its contents are true and correct. You are responsible for obtaining your own tax and financial advice. Even if you are not GST registered, you must still account for GST in your pricing.

    MFM will be responsible for remitting GST on the whole sale amount for florists who are not registered for GST.