Spring Favourites

Sep 6 2017 by Hannah Darkins

Spring Favourites

Spring Flowers: Seasonal Favourites

Spring has got to be one of my favourite seasons for flowers.
The weather begins to warm up and flowers start to bloom in an array of bright and lively colours!
Today I will highlight a few of my favorite spring flowers under a color guide, to help you select the best in-season flowers in the
colour palette of your choice!


With wedding season on our doorstep white is a popular colour choice for brides looking for event flowers, and is always a great colour choice for flower lovers looking to freshen up their home!

Phaleonopsis Orchids are a favourite for weddings and events, with their large round heads that make a statement simply on their own! They are also a great flower to gift as an indoor plant- many florists love to stock Phaleonopsis plants for retail sale!

Lily of the Valley begins to bloom as well as Gardenia- a must have within the home if you are looking for a flower with a delicious scent, sure to bring a fresh floral fragrance to any room.

Peonies are sure to be a crowd favorite with their beautiful large open heads, which look striking in a vase simply on their own or as a feature flower in a bunch or wedding bouquet. David Austin roses are also a favourite in wedding season, and also have a lovely scent, especially if sourced straight from Australian growers in your local area.


Poppies are a beautiful and bold wild-flower that bring a whimsical element to a bouquet with their natural movement. Carnations are a simple and well-loved flower. They come in many different colors including yellow- to brighten up your home or bring happiness to any bunch. Sunflowers make a return during spring and are a stand out with many flower lovers, often bought as single stems or bunched on their own, as they are large and bright enough as they are!


Delphinium and Anemone are some of my favourite flowers appearing in blue tones. Delphinium is a tall line flower with multiple heads blooming up the stem and look great in a tall cylindrical shaped vase.


Anthurium flowers are a groovy addition to any bunch, unique in shape and form. Cymbidium and Singapore orchids come in some beautiful shades of green and are also a favourite cut flower to have at home in your vase, or used within corporate arrangements, as they tend to last quite a long time as a cut flower if provided enough water.


Dahlia’s will make a return during springtime, and along with peonies, have got to be one of the most popular springtime and summer flowers! Dahlia’s appear in many different varieties and colours, and are sure to be a winner for a vibrant colour palette for you wedding day or to make someone’s day, gifted within a bunch.

Ranunculus are another beautifully simple flower, easy to use with their simple round heads and thick stems. They often have a vivid bold colour, and other than orange, they also come in popular shades of pink, red and white.

Orange parrot Tulips make for a great flower when your arrangement requires some natural movement and curve, as tulips will often curve over at the head. When flower heads are fully open, tulips make for a gorgeous addition to a bright and colourful bunch!


Sweet pea emits a beautiful scent and is a delicate light flower that makes for a pretty addition to a soft and airy arrangement. Sugar and spice Blushing Brides are still around early spring and are a beautiful native Australian flower, unique in colour and shape. Calla lilies are a sophisticated flower and often come in different shades of pink as well as many other striking colors.


The Waratah is a much loved icon within Australia, and is another great native flower that makes an appearance during Spring time. Heliconia- also known as Lobster claw is a robust statement flower, that is often used in corporate arrangements due to their unique shape and durability as a cut flower.

Enjoy brightening your space this Spring with beautiful flowers!

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