Care For Your Cut Flowers At Home

Aug 11 2017 by Hannah Darkins

Care For Your Cut Flowers At Home


By Hannah Darkins
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One of the most popular questions florists are asked is how to care for your cut flower arrangements at home.
Today, we offer a few simple tips to help you get the most out of your flowers at home.
Vase Suitability
Vase suitability is an often-overlooked component in maintaining flower life.
It is really important you place your flowers in an appropriate sized vase for the size and actual balance of your flower arrangement.
If the vase is to short for a taller arrangement, flowers placed around the outside of the arrangement may droop over time or even snap at the stem,
as they aren’t receiving enough external support to keep flower heads supported and prevent bending at the point where the stem meets the vase edge.
If the arrangement is quite full of flower content it is important the arrangement is placed in a vase big enough to allow the arrangement space for the flowers to open to full capacity. If the vase is to small, flowers may not fully mature or the arrangement may not receive enough air between placements, causing some flowers to rot or bruise faster if squished up against each other.
Flower Food
Flowers need a source of energy once plucked from the earth, predominately in the form of sugars to maintain life.
Flower foods were developed to help retailers and consumers increase the vase life and opening of their flowers.
Research on the effectiveness of flower food, suggests that using flower food within vase water can extend flower life of cut flowers up to 20%.
Plants are known to thrive in an environment where there are few bacteria, plenty of food for energy, and water uptake is encouraged.
Flower foods contain an acidifier that helps to adjust the water's pH. With a lower pH the water and food conducting system within the flower can work at maximum efficiency.
The sugar in the food will be used by the plant as an energy source, which had been lost when the flower was cut away from its root. With these nutrients the plant will be able to fully develop and buds will open quicker.
Flower food sachets such as Floralife Flower Food Sachets should be given to you with any purchase from your local florist retailers,
and any extra packets you need would be available for you to purchase for a small cost.
Progressive Flower Removal
Different types of cut flowers have varying life spans. A lot of native flowers tend to have a longer lifespan as a cut flower, along with more sturdy foliages and robust fillers.
Flowers with a shorter life span will spoil quicker within an arrangement. To avoid these flowers decreasing the life span of other flowers in the arrangement, you can remove these flowers as they pass their life span. This can take away from the overall look and construction of the arrangement but it does tend to increase the lifespan of the other more robust flowers, to allow you to keep them longer.
Flower Placement
The placement of your arrangement at home can contribute to the overall life of your flowers.
Ensure you keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from rooms that tend to get heaps of moisture or heat- like bathrooms or laundries.
It has also been noted that placing your flowers next to fruit can decrease their lifespan, so be sure to keep your fruit and your flowers separate!
Flower Maintenance
The most common form of flower care is regular changing of the water, and re-cutting the stems to allow full water uptake through the flower stem.
Make sure the water in the vase fully covers at least the bottom of the stem as some flowers drink a lot of water, so before you know it the water level may leave some stems exposed if you haven’t filled the vase up enough!
Chop the stems with secateurs or sturdy, sharp scissors (not paper scissors) every 2 or 3 days to make sure the flower is able to keep absorbing water.
Changing the water every 3 days and making sure the vase is rewashed and clean (this is where you can re-mix in another sachet of flower food) ensures that you remove bacteria from the water that kills the flowers quicker.
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