Flower Design: ‘Four Basic Arrangements’

Feb 1 2017 by Hannah Darkins

Flower Design: ‘Four Basic Arrangements’

Flower Design: ‘Four Basic Arrangements’
By Hannah Darkins

For flower lovers looking to dress their table with an arrangement of flowers,
to sit on the counter of their reception or to spoil someone special with a flower gift,
having some basic knowledge of different floral designs can be helpful when it comes to choosing what arrangement might suit your needs the best!
Here we unpack four basic floral arrangement designs: Grouping Bouquet, Flat Back, Oasis Arrangement and Spiral Stem Bunch.
Grouping Bouquet
A Grouping Bouquet consists of carefully grouped flowers, grouped by flower type or flower colour. This design is trending within the industry as it offers visual impact and creates volume within the arrangement, making the bunch appear larger. This is a great way of arranging if you have a few favorite flowers, however although this seems like a more simple way of arranging, this kind of design still requires careful thought and construction. If groupings of flowers are too similar in shape, size, form and colour then the flowers in this arrangement can tend to merge into each other and loose it’s design qualities and visual impact. To avoid this happening florists will select different flower forms (i.e round form flowers, long line flowers and so on), different textures (i.e soft bunching with textured bunching) and flower colours that work in harmony with each other (see our Colour Blog for more information on Colour Schemes within arrangements).

In Oasis

In oasis arrangements are a great alternative to a Bouquet or Bunch for a vase.
Arranging in Oasis (flower foam) is a great way to achieve structure and specific placement of flowers without worrying about them shifting when placed in a vase at home or within transit.
There are many different designs that are constructed within floral foam, however the most common use of floral foam is within event work such as big floral installations or long table arrangements. Other uses for floral foam are flower arrangements in boxes- great for sending to hospitals or rest homes- as they simply require small amounts of water to refill the foam every few days. Cute little totes arranged in floral foam make for a great gift that already takes care of the container if the recipient doesn’t have a vase handy!

Flat Back

Flat back arrangements are front facing arrangements that are often contrsuted with a back base of sturdy foliage that creates the structure or ‘backbone’ for the flowers to be arranged in front. This type of arrangement is perfect if the arrangement is required to sit up against a wall or structure behind it (such as a pillar or stage podium etc). This type of arrangement would not be suitable for a table arrangement placed in the centre of the table as it is not a 360* design.

​Spiral Stem Bunch (Vase Arrangement)

This design is the most common design constructed for flowers that are required for vase suitability (i.e flowers given as a gift that can then be arranged within a vase for the table or desk at home etc). Florists will regularly arrange using this design and spiralling the stems, to create visual depth and space within the arrangement to make the design appear larger within the vase and when finished with wrapping etc. Flowers used are often round form flowers that have the ‘focal draw’ at the top of the bunch and line flowers that bloom down the stem so the visual impact is best when looking ‘in and down’ on the bunch when it is fully wrapped as a gift, and that creates a visual 360* impact when re-placed within a vase at home. Flowers are most commonly arranged symetrically where different flower forms and colours are evenly dispersed within the arrangement, along with a foliage and filler which fill out the bunch. This design creates an overall consistency and shape that is aesthically easy on the eye.

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