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Phalaenopsis (also called Moth Orchids due to their winged, broad petals) are elegant and long lasting. Perfect as a gift for any ocassion as gifts. Roots of the phalaenopsis will rot if they are kept too wet, so it’s best to grow them in a bark mix that ensures good drainage. Healthy roots should be thick and creamy white with bright green tips. Sometimes roots can be seen on the surface of the mix or growing over the side of the pot. This is quite natural.
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Allow the expert florists that work with us at Floral Expressions to create a unique design, tailored to your specific needs. We have an eye for floral design, and will create a beautiful display that will remain fresh and lively for days to come. Our florists have years of industry knowledge and training behind them which has allowed for a selection of different bouquets, boxes and vases of flowers to be available daily in our store. From gorgeous roses and lilies to native flowers found within Australia, any requirements and specifications can be met. Our most important asset to us are our customers, which is why we provide high quality and professional service. We have become one of the most well-known florists in the Paramatta/Castle Hill area, and strive to maintain our award-winning name.

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